Cara Kansala (That's Me)

Born in Northern Ontario, I now call Newfoundland home. A full-time visual artist and co-founder of the well-known “Grumpy Goat Gallery”, I am known for my whimsical depictions of familiar Newfoundland sights and my passionate oils.

I draw constant inspiration from the rugged landscape and energetic spirit of the people I encounter. My colourful Newfoundland scenes and playful style are recognized throughout the province and beyond and I strive to find the laughter and joy in the hard things that life sometimes throws at us. Greatly influenced by my two quirky grandmothers, (Mummu and Grandma Bea) I work hard to carry along the gifts that they gave me as I navigate my way through our world.

I happily spend my time between Upper Island Cove and St. John’s where I live with my partner Ailsa, two children, two goats, 2 cats, a dog named Gretel, and five minnows.

It's with great enthusiasm that I announce my first children's book of verse, published by Breakwater Books, will be released in the spring of 2017.