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Cara Kansala

(Sold) Around the Bay on Saturday......

(Sold) Around the Bay on Saturday......

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Original Folk Art by Cara Kansala

Nan was trying to take a nap
when the wind pushed out the door.
The inside cat got outside
on the roof she scratched and snored.
Tea and Cup, the naughty goats,
they ate Nan's favourite  socks.
The white cat stole Nan's pink yarn from her bedside knitting box.
The orange cat watched the blue bird eat the raisins from pie,
the sheep across the tickle stomped the blanket from the line.
Now Nan would have to bake a pie for church just made from scraps
and all the while Old Pip the Gull, he closed his eyes and napped.

12" x 16" Gallery wrapped, black edge

Ready to Hang

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