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Cara Kansala

(SOLD)When Nan Went to the Grocery Store........

(SOLD)When Nan Went to the Grocery Store........

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When Nan went to the grocery store, she plum forgot to close the door

The cats and chickens sauntered and in and then the goats drank all the gin

Ed the goat liked Gran’s new pearls, put on her dress and did a twirl,

He thought her old pink shoes were fine,and wore them while he drank her wine,

Kit the cat sat in the pie, then swung on Gran’s new laundry line,

Ned the sheep was oddly chilly, stole pops hat then danced with Willy,

All the clothes from Gran’s old trunk, were on the goats and full of gunk,

When Gran got home and saw the mess, she wasn't in the least distressed

Instead she laughed and shook her head, then danced inside and went to bed



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